Fundamental research activities:

1.The effect of US and MW over the enzymatic reactions,development of cells and catalysts synthesis (fundamental research)
1.1.Studies on the effect of US and MW over enzymatic reactions and living cells
1.2.Synthesis of nanocatalyst and their use in US and MW -assisted reactions
Industrial research activities:

2. Extraction of valuable components from plants (industrial research)
2.1. The plant pretreatment with US and/or MW in order to the extraction of active principles
2.2. US and/or MW -assisted extraction of the active principles from plants
Industrial research activities:

3. Processing of biomass for use in biorefineries (industrial research)
3.1. Ligno-cellulosic biomass pretreatment for the purpose of separation by components
3.2. Wet algae processing in order to obtain biodiesel
Industrial research activities:

4. Intensification of chemical processes (industrial research)
4.1. Intensification of heterogeneous catalytic reactions using US and/or MW
Activities for obtaining, validating and protecting the industrial property rights:

5. Activities for obtaining, validating and protecting the industrial property rights
5.1. The formulation and submission of patent applications
Activities for information and publicity:

6. Activities for information and publicity
6.1. Creating and updating a site for the project
6.2. Publication of scientific papers, presentation of papers in scientific events and organizing workshops
Project Management:

7. Project Management
7.1. Permanent monitoring of the fulfillment of the objectives of the proposed
7.2. Ensuring the legal framework and optimization of procurement activities of products, materials and services
8. Annual and Final audit 8.1. Final audit activities of the project

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