IGNAT Nicoleta - General Manager

MATEESCU Diana - Finance and Accounting Responsible

VERDI Luminita - Purchasing Responsible

TONCIU Cosmin-Andrei - Purchasing Responsible

STANCULEANU Daniela - Juridical Responsible


VINATORU Mircea - Project Director

CALINESCU Ioan - Responsible (research) from UPB- SR I research

LAVRIC Vasile - SR I research

CHIPURICI Petre - SR II research

GAVRILA Adina - SR III research

TRIFAN Adrian - SR III research

DIACON Aurel - SR III research

CHISEGA-NEGRILA Ciprian Gabriel - SR III research

GHINDA Lucia Gabriela - Tehnician

DINU Ion - Tehnician

VLAICU Alexandru - Research Assistant

VARTOLOMEI (SAULESCU) Ana Maria - Research Assistant

MIRICA Bogdan - Research Assistant

VINTILA Alin Cristian Nicolae - Research Assistant

STAICU Vasile - Research Assistant

GHIMPETEANU Daniela - Research Assistant

KOMARTIN Raluca - Research Assistant

LUNTRARU Cristina - Research Assistant

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